The State Arboretum of Virginia (also known as the Orland E. White Arboretum) occupies the central 172 acres of Blandy Experimental Farm. Started in the 1930s, it now contains over 5000 woody trees and shrubs from around the world. It is a reference garden for the Southeast Region of the American Conifer Society and includes the American Boxwood Society's Memorial Garden.

Notable Collections
  • Boxwood: 162 kinds
  • A 300-tree ginkgo grove
  • A 36-tree Cedar of Lebanon allee
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News From The Arboretum

The last of the year's insects rush to gobble up the last of the year's flowers. Mild fall weather has kept the plants flowering and the insects feeding. A hard frost will end the party, but until then insects tend to their final tasks of the year. 

New Bumble Bee Queen Tanks Up On Marigold  
New queen bumble bee
In late summer and fall colonies of the common eastern bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) produce new queens that mate and then hide out in a safe place for the winter. In the spring, they will come out and start a new colony. In fall, all existing colonies, including the queen, die and leave only these overwintering new queens to represent their species.

Hands dirty from planting
A writing spider sets up by some hummingbird sage, hoping for some distracted bees to enter her web. 
Painted Lady Pauses on Zinnia Before Heading Toward Mexico
Saplings Inc finishes planting pawpaw seeds
A painted lady butterfly sips nectar from a zinnia. Painted lady butterflies are migratory, like monarch butterflies, and U.S. painted ladies spend their winters south near the U.S. Mexico border. In Europe, the painted lady butterfly undergoes a 6 generation 9000 round trip mile trip to Africa. 

transplanting a pawpaw seedling
A cabbage white butterfly sips nectar from a zinnia
photo of conifer trail trunks