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Erica Schwabach
Environmental Educator
Email Erica     
540-837-1758 ext. 242 

Erica’s role as an educator at Blandy includes both the formal aspect of environmental education, working with the Education Team in delivering scientific investigation lessons to school groups during the Fall and Spring seasons, as well as designing and leading summer camp and winter activities with Public Programs.

Her unique contributions to Blandy include a background teaching environmental education in classroom settings as well as a creative approach to curriculum design stemming from her background in music and the arts. Erica graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies from the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). Her research on American eel (Anguilla rostrata) of the Hudson River influenced her teaching style to emphasize place-based learning experiences while also including a focus on the reciprocal relationship between humans and the natural world.

Since graduating, she has taught in a variety of environmental education settings: creating hands on and engaging curricula for inner city classrooms (including a lesson on fish adaptations that included an interactive story and song), teaching ecology to ESL/ELL students on Northern Adirondack mountain trails, and working outdoors in parks teaching about gorges that are millions of years old. This blend of formal and informal teaching experience lends well to her work at Blandy. Her inspiration to teach outdoors draws from early formative experiences in nature as well as a love for watching students learn in a way that engages them on multiple levels (cognitively, kinesthetically, and emotionally). She especially likes working with high school and college students, where some of the more rich and complex conversations can occur.

When she’s not working she enjoys hiking, backpacking, and tracking wildlife, and loves creating art such as photography, writing, music, painting, and pottery, and also feels a special bond with animals.