Bird photos of vulture, indigo bunting, egret, and oriole

Why Observe Birds? Birds have many life needs. They must feed, find mates, hide from predators, protect their territory, build nests, drink water, raise their young, and many migrate! When you see a bird...

  • Be still and watch for a while. The bird may need a moment to relax. 
  • Notice what is around the bird. Is it alone or with a partner, baby, or flock? Is it moving in bushes and trees, on the ground, in or near water, or perched on the top of something?
  • Watch its movements. Is it looking around, focused on something small, or busy making sounds?
  • Look at its body. How big is it? What colors or patterns do you see?
  • Try to identify your bird. We recommend using the eBird app and website and contributing your observations to citizen science.

What tools do you need? You can start with just your senses. Use your eyes to look for movement and patterns. Listen for songs, calls, or sounds of movement. Eventually you may want binoculars to help you see further or a field guide to help you identify the birds you notice. 


Make a copy of your card. Every time you open this page, it will make a new card, so it is important for you to save the one you want!!! You can print it, take a screenshot, download the Excel, or just take a photo.

If you see or hear a bird listed on your card, record the bird and what you think it was doing.

  • Birds may appear more than once on your card. Record one sighting each time.
  • If the category contains many bird species (sparrow, for example), and you can identify the species, include that!
  • You may get an “other” space. Record any bird you see that you do not have a block for. You may repeat a bird on your card IF you have already filled that bird’s block!
  • Please feel free to share your observations with us on Facebook or on Instagram with @blandyeducation and #blandybingo!
  • TO WIN

  • You may also fill the card completely!

  • You must get 5 in a row. This can be diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.