Several adults liked up holding long strips of paper representing different lengths of snakes

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Upcoming Conference Presentations:

VAEE Annual Conference at Airfield Conference Center and 4-H Educational Center on February 24th-26th


Activities Shared at Presentations

How the Forest Grows

Measure a sapling, learn about the tree species, and make mathematical projections about its growth rate, time to adult size, and mature mass

Schoolyard Surfaces

Create an aerial map using a satellite photo, then use the map to calculate the ratios of permeable and impermeable surfaces. Connects to watershed studies, human impact, and practice with math skills such as estimation, fractions, ratios, decimals. 

Designing Solutions: Using Roof Models to Explore Run-Off

Using everyday materials, model how roof pitch affects the speed and volume of runoff. Engineer mitigation to slow and collect rain water that can run off a roof and cause erosion. 

Exploring Virginia's Snakes Using Non-Fiction & Mathematics

Using the non-fiction Guide to Virginia Snakes, learn about a Virginia snake, measure a length of paper to the snake's adult length, demonstrate understanding by drawing the snake, and use the paper models to create and analyze a bar graph of snake lengths. 


Presentations from recent years:

2021 National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Regional Conference. November 11-13, National Harbor

2020 Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST) November 11-13, Virtual

Collaboration for Impact: Modeling an Integrated Partnership (Slides) (Recording of Presentation)

All presentations in this conference are available to VAST members 

2020 Virginia Association of Environmental Educators (VAEE) Annual Conference. February 26-28, Sweet Briar College

2019 National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA) STEM Forum
July 2019 San Francisco, CA

2019 Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST) Annual PDI November 14-16, Roanoke, VA

2019 National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA) Conference on Science Education December 12-14 Seattle, WA

2019 Virginia Association of Environmental Educators (VAEE) Conference February 7-9 Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond Va