What's in Bloom - April

Wildflowers on a forest floor

Virginia Bluebells, Trillium, Wood poppies, and many other native wildflowers can be found blooming throughout the Native Plant Trail woodland. As succession of spring flowers blanket the floor of the woodland continuosly throughout April and early May.

flowering redbud tree

Redbud trees can be found blooming throughout most of April. There are numerous redbuds in the native plant trail woodland, as well as near the Hewlett Lewis Overlook pavillion.

branch with white flowers in front of a red shrub

A collection of Azaleas and flowering dogwoods can be found flowering starting in mid to late April. This striking planting can be found in the confier section that is just east of the loop road. 

grass strip betwenn two rows of white flowering trees

Most of the dogwood trees along dogwood lane will start flowering in mid to late-April, creating a beautiful tunnel of white blooms on either side of the quaters building.

White silverbell flowers on a branch

Carolina silverbells can be found blooming in the native plant trail woodland. Beginning in mid-april, these beautiful trees will bloom into thousands of delicate, drooping bell-like flowers.

Field of white daffodils with trees and a building in the background

Various types of daffodils can be found blooming throughout blandy starting in early to mid April. The largest collection of daffodils are in a field between dogwood land and the picnic grove.