What's In Bloom - May

Mayapples are in bloom in the all over the florest floors' of the Shenandoah Valley. Find this flower under its fun umbrella shaped leaf. We have a large collection in front woods along Rte. 50. 

The Buckeyes are in full bloom, and Blandy has a ton of them! Just East of the maple collection you can find a grove of Buckeyes red and creamy yellows as well as all types of pink hybrids. 

The Iris garden is a show stopper this time of year. With over one hundred different kinds, the Walter Flory Iris collection is a special sight.

The Carolina allspice shrub has a goregous dark red bloom. They beginning blooming in the second half of the month and are most prominent in the Native Plant Trail woodland.



closeup of white fringe tree flowers and green leaves

The white, hairlike petals of fringe tree flowers are a striking sight throughout May. Find this unique understory tree in the Native Plant Trail woodland, right of the pathway leading towards the quarters building, and in the field north of Lake Arnold.