ginkgo trees turning yellow

What's in Bloom - October

The Ginkgo Grove begins its transformation from green leaves to gold towards the end of October or in early November. Visit the grove near the end of the month to see over 300 ginkgo trees turning yellow and leaving a golden carpet below. Just watch out for the stinky ginkgo fruits!

Various species of Asters continue to bloom throughout the pollination garden and native plant trail. They're some of the latest flowering herbaceous plants and will hold on to their flowers until frosts become frequent towards the end of the month.

Dogwood Trees that bloomed in the spring are forming ripe berries in October. Find them along dogwood lane, the native plant trail, or the arboretum's dogwood collection.

Black Gum trees, scarlet oaks, and red maples start putting on their red fall colors in October. See them in the community forest, the maple section of the arboretum, or the native plant trail woodland.