Flowers with white petals and yellow center in front of a background of green plants

What's in Bloom - September

purple and yellow aster flowers

Native Meadow Wildflowers continue to bloom throughout the meadow and wetland. Blooming flowers include New England Aster (pictured), Canada goldenrod, New York ironweed, and jewelweed.





Group of yellow sunflowers with large one in center

Thinleaf sunflowers bloom through September in many of the gardens throughout Blandy, including the pollination garden, native plant trail woodland, and by the information kiosk.

White compound flowers

In the later part of September, white snakeroot is blooming throughout the native plant trail woodland. Other small woodland wildflowers bloom in this area as well, including white wood aster and wreath goldenrod.





Smooth Sumac bush in front of a blue sky

Smooth sumac produces clusters of bright red berry that remain on the plant for several months. Find several large specimens along the loop road, with several more scattered throughout the native plant trail.

Yellow sneezeweed flowers

The native yellow pollinator plant sneezeweed is in full bloom in the pollination garden this month. Don't let the name fool you - it doesn't actually make you sneeze! It does attract lots of different bees and butterflies though.

Spike of purple flowers in a shady woodland

The charismatic pink flower spikes of the obedient plant are blooming in the pollination garden and native plant trail woodland this month. This prolific pollinator plant is frequented by bumblebees and hummingbirds.