Winter Trees Exhibit On the Native Plant Trail

December 16, 2020

Winter has come, and plants have gone dormant. The arboretum's herbaceous specimens have reatreated belowground, and the deciduous trees have shed their coats of green and gold. Even though the leaves have fallen and a winter chill has settled in, nature still has things to teach us! Throughout winter, we will place a special series of informational signs in the woodland section of the native plant trail, discussing parts of trees that can only be fully appreciated when the branches are bare. Next time you take a stroll through the trail, keep an eye out for new knowledge about branches, bark, and more! 

There's also a self-guided activity in this area, called "What's that Tree?" Grab a guide at the start of the trail, and use it to identify specially marked trees throughout the area. Challenge yourself to find and correctly identify all 12 trees. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned naturalist, you'll learn to recognize several unique winter features of trees, including bark, flower buds, and more! 

hackberry branches with blue sky in backgroundtree trunk with sign next to it and grass in backgroundBrown sycamore leafhand with paper guide in front of large tree trunk


Trunk and bare branches of a sycamore tree with blue sky in the background