REU students at Blandy Experimental Farm share dorms in the historic Quarters Building at the heart of the property and within walking distance of research facilities and field sites.  The Quarters building has three wings, two of which include student dorms.  One wing was constructed in the early 1800’s by the Tuley family and was used to house enslaved people for many years.  After the property was given to The University, the original structure was renovated and two new wings were constructed to accommodate a growing number of UVA graduate students living and working at Blandy.  This addition added living spaces and labs, as well as a library, dining room, and shared kitchen that are still used by students at Blandy today.  [Read more about the remnants of the history of slavery at Blandy and our modern values here].

Dorm Details:

  • REU students stay in second-floor dorm rooms, two students per room
  • Wifi internet access
  • Shared, fully-equipped kitchen
  • Shared hall bathrooms
  • Shared washer/dryer
  • BYO sheets and towels- no linens are provided in the dorm rooms