Water Droplets on Redbud Leaves
Water Droplets on Redbud Leaves

Reciprocal Admissions Program is FOSA Benefit

As the temperature warms up and things start blooming, are you itching to visit some of the beautiful gardens around your home or while you’re travelling? One of the benefits of your current FOSA membership card is the Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP), which gives you special admission privileges and discounts at 345+ participating gardens throughout North America as part of the AHS Reciprocal Admissions Program.

"Murmuration" sound installation coming to Blandy! This weekend only!

May 29, 2024 -- alf7f

UPDATE: Keep an eye on the weather this weekend if you have your heart set on experiencing "Murmuration." The exhibit will be taken down if rain seems likely, as moisture may damage the electronics in the sound-producing devices. Based on the forecast as of Friday morning, there is a greater chance of rain on Sunday than on Saturday.


Exciting news! This weekend only, Blandy visitors will have the opportunity to experience a unique soundscape at the Ginkgo Grove!


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Milkweed is the sole host plant for the caterpillars of the beautiful, threatened monarch butterfly and efforts to preserve this butterfly have brought this once overlooked plant into the public consciousness.



  1. Firefly Walk

Tuesday, June 25th

  1. Techniques and Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture in Virginia

Thursday, June 27th

  1. Blandy Plein Air Club
  2. Blandy Book Club

Tuesday, July 2nd

  1. Blandy Photography Club Meeting
    • Start time: 06:00pm
    • End time: 08:00pm
    • To learn more, send an email to [email protected]

Thursday, July 11th

  1. Blandy Sketch Group
    • Start time: 12:30pm
    • End time: 03:30pm
    • The Blandy Sketch Group is a dynamic group of artists who work in the visual arts and who all share a love of the natural world as inspiration for their artwork. The Blandy Sketch Group is open to any artist, beginner or professional.  This month, we will be meeting in the Blandy LibraryVisit our website for more info- https://blandysketchgroup.wordpress.com/