David Carr

David Carr

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Inbreeding and Ecological Interactions

Most plants are capable of at least some self-fertilization, and my collaborators and I have been exploring the interactions between plant mating systems and their ecological interactions.  These include interactions with herbivores, pathogens, and pollinators.  Most of this work has been conducted with species in the genus Mimulus.

Pollen Rewards

Bees obtain almost all of their protein from pollen, making it a critical resource for larval development.  My collaborators and I have been investigating how variation in the amount of pollen and its protein content affects the foraging decisions of bees within and among species of plants.

Invasive Species Ecology

For better or worse, Blandy Experimental Farm is an ideal place to study the ecology of invasive plant species.  My students have studied the role of biotic and abiotic environmental factors on the success of invasive species and the effects of invasive species on native biodiversity.