Meadow in Summer


Wide open vistas of grass and wildflowers, soaking up sunlight. Monarch butterflies nectaring on milkweed and asters. Birds of prey circling lazily on the wind. The 24 acre meadow section features a number of native grasses, many of which grow to more than six feet tall. Many species of animals call our meadow home, including whitetail deer, eastern cottontail rabbits, red-shouldered hawks, and dozens of species of songbirds. The meadow is also a field site for researchers at the University of Virginia, who carry out ecological studies on the interactions between plants, pollinators, and other wildlife.

Two fawns lying in grassIndian Grass at SunsetFalse Sunflower in MeadowSwitchgrass and Tree with FrostBig Bluestem GrassMeadow during prescribed burn