Policies Governing Use of Blandy Facilities

These policies apply to use of Blandy facilities for meetings, programs, and other approved activities. After reviewing these policies, please see Facilties Reservations to learn more about who may reserve Blandy facilities and how to make a reservation request.

  • The user assumes responsibility for the safe and lawful use of facilities at Blandy Experimental Farm and will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the property and persons attending the event for which space is reserved. The user agrees to indemnify and save harmless the University of Virginia and the Commonwealth of Virginia from and against any and all loss, costs (including attorneys’ fees), damages, expense, and liability in connection with claims for damages as a result of injury or death of any person or damage to any property which arise from or in any manner growing out of any act or neglect on or about the premises by the user, the user’s partners, agents, employees, students, customers, invitees, contractors, and subcontractors. The user may be required to provide a certificate of insurance verifying liability coverage for the organization/group.

  • The user assumes responsibility for any damage to property and, if billed, will pay for the damaged property and for any additional cleaning, repairs, or replacements that result from the use of the facilities. Assessment of damages and extent of responsibility of the group shall be determined by the Director.
  • The University of Virginia prohibits the illegal or otherwise irresponsible use of alcohol and other drugs. Users must follow all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding the possession, consumption, and storage of alcoholic beverages and the following guidelines must be observed: 
    • The intention to serve alcohol must be stated at the time the reservation is requested
    • Users are responsible for determining if an ABC permit is required
    • Persons under the legal drinking age are not permitted to attend the event
    • Groups should use a TIPS-trained bartender or server
    • “Bring your own bottles” events are not permitted
  • Blandy Experimental Farm complies with the University of Virginia's commitment to reduce and to the extent possible, eliminate, single-use plastics by 2030. Therefore, users may not bring single-use plastic and polystyrene food containers, disposable plastic straws and cutlery, disposable plastic bags, or single-use plastic water bottles to Blandy. Meeting rooms are equipped with water coolers. Refilling of BYO reusable water bottles is encouraged, as is the use of reusable or compostable cutlery. 
  • Blandy Experimental Farm does not offer event or meeting planning services. The Field Station Manager will secure the date of your event and answer your questions about the facilities. All other arrangements are the responsibility of the user. 
  • Set up of chairs and tables as required to prepare the meeting area is the responsibility of the user.
    • Set up, program time, and clean up shall take place within the scheduled time usage unless permission is otherwise obtained from the Field Station Manager.
    • All spaces, equipment, and furniture will be left clean and in their prior condition following meetings or activities. All chairs and tables will be returned to the locations they were in prior to the meeting unless the Field Station Manager indicates otherwise.
    • Any decorations, supplies, equipment, handouts, or other amenities brought by the user shall be removed at the conclusion of the program. Decorations may not be attached to any tree, plant, stone wall, sign, or structure.  Signs may not be driven deeper than 6 inches into the ground and may not be placed anywhere except in the grass.
  • Unless specific permission is granted, no amplified music, microphones, or megaphones are allowed.
  • If the kitchen is reserved, cookware, tableware, and appliances are available for use. However, all food and beverage supplies are the responsibility of the user, including coffee, condiments, etc. Faculty, staff, and students have access to the kitchen at all times. 
  • Bed linens, towels, and toiletries are not supplied for dormitory rooms 
  • Parking is restricted to the Visitors' Parking lot (near the Information Pavilion) and the overflow parking area.
    • For large events greater than 50 people the overflow/event parking must be used.
    • For events greater than 100 people the user must supply a parking attendant whose responsibility it is to direct attendees to the overflow/event parking area.
    • Parking is not allowed along roadsides or in the grass except in the overflow parking area. 
    • Vehicles delivering items may unload at the back door of the kitchen. To allow access for Blandy service vehicles, designated parking areas must be used after delivery
  • Lighting on grounds is limited. All event participants and guests must depart the grounds within 30 minutes after sunset.

Payment and Refunding of Fees:

  • A $200 deposit may be required for large events and some overnight accommodations. 
  • Fees are waived for all activities held by groups of the University of Virginia, Blandy Experimental Farm, the Foundation of the State Arboretum, Virginia Native Plant Society, and other partner organizations.
  • Subject to availability, garden clubs with a FOSA membership are entitled to use the library or dining room for one meeting per year free of charge.
  • Other groups satisfying the following conditions may also request a fee waiver: 
    • The group's primary purpose is consistent with that of Blandy Experimental Farm. 
    • The educational program being held is open to the general public free of charge and is advertised in the local news media. 
  • Payment for use of the facilities is expected prior to the time of scheduled use
  • Refunds of facilities-use fees will not be made but may be applied toward future use. 

User Fees and Donations: Primary funding for building maintenance and program development comes from local sources, the Foundation of the State Arboretum, and donations. The Blandy fee schedule is structured to encourage the use of our facility by groups with similar missions; if groups can contribute more, additional donations are appreciated.