Living at Blandy: A close-knit research community

"Living and conducting research full-time at Blandy Experimental Farm while surrounded by peers, mentors, and research facilities provided complete and collaborative research and social experiences as I explored research as a career path." -Stephen, REU 2014.  Click to read more from our alumni.

Live and work alongside 20-30 ecology and environmental science undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in a spectacular rural setting, surrounded by rolling hills and open farmland!  Students in the REU Program live in dorms in the historic main building at Blandy Experimental Farm, nestled at the center of the State Arboretum of Virginia, and work closely alongside members of the Blandy research community in our modern lab and greenhouse and the diverse surrounding habitats.

Blandy's grounds span 712 acres, including fields, forests, and ephemeral ponds. Hike along miles of trails crisscrossing the property, or marvel at the curious trees in the arboretum collection. Use our iNaturalist page to scope out a few of the cool critters you might encounter during your nature adventures at Blandy.  Don't forget to look up!  Birding at Blandy is spectacular!

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Picture of pond