We are dedicated to providing local environmental science education and imparting a sense of place to students. Each Education Program includes an exciting variety of inquiry-based learning experiences for school-aged groups from public, private, and home schools. All programs provide hands-on learning experiences through indoor and outdoor activities. Students interact through discussions and questions to help them apply what they already know to their new experiences. Programs are aligned to Virginia SOL and are designed to complement and enhance what educators are teaching in their classrooms. 

Our Vision: To be the premier outdoor-based education facility for environmental science education and training for students, teachers, and scientists in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our Mission: Encourage scientific exploration, discovery, and stewardship of our natural world by fostering a learning community among preK-12 students, educators, and scientists.


Questions about our education programs before you request a program? Email us at [email protected]


The Blandy Education Team’s teaching goal is to stimulate learners’ curiosity about the natural world and their roles in it through field-based investigations. By questioning, observing, investigating, and synthesizing, learners actively increase their understanding of the process of science. All field investigations are grounded in state standards, integrate disciplines through the lens of science, and connect with career paths.

Candace Lutzow-Felling Director of Education: pK-12 Programs 

Emily M. Ford Lead Environmental Educator 

Stefany Feldbush Environmental Educator

Klio Stroubakis Environmental Educator