The Pollination Garden

The Pollination Garden is a great place to learn about different pollinators common to our area, explore their interactions with plants, and plan a pollinator garden for your home. 

Who are the Pollinators?

Here are some of the pollinators you may encounter in the garden.





Why Pollinators are Important

Without pollinators we would not have apples, tomatoes, squash, chocolate, and many more of our favoirte foods. Pollinators are under threat from habitat loss, invasive plants and animals, climate change, pesticide misuse, and disease.




How to Garden for Pollinators at Home

  • Grow native plants that provide nectar and pollen for adult pollinators.
  • Grow native plants that provide food for pollinators when they are caterpillars.
  • Do not use pesticides and other chemicals in your garden.
  • Avoid planting invasive plants and remove existing invasives.
  • Cluster plants in groups instead of planting them singularly.
  • Replace lawn with gardens, meadows, shrubs, and trees.
  • Leave bare ground and provide puddling areas.