The Gardens

Herb Garden

Allow your senses to take over by touching and smelling the many plants in this garden. The herb garden highlights plants grown for specific purposes such as seasonings, medicines, dyes, and household use.

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Pollination Garden 

Watch bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators visit their favorite flowers. Find out why pollination matters to our health and our environment. Discover plants that you can add to your garden to attract these amazing creatures.

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Zoo Garden

Learn fun facts about all your favorite animals even though our animals are actually plants!

Walter Flory Memorial Iris Collection

More than one hundred irises put on a colorful display at the beginning of May and some make a second show in October. You will find native, dwarf, and reblooming iris in this incredible and unique collection.

The Quarters Gardens

Gardens immediately around the Quarters building highlight Virginia natives, a tribute to Blandy's volunteers, and unique nonnative plants suitable for our area. Due to its southern exposure and protection from wind, the courtyard garden of the Quarters contains some plants that do not survive our winters.