We invite researchers in the environmental and ecological sciences from around the world to consider locating their research activities at Blandy Experimental Farm. Blandy supports research by providing a broad range of habitats (woodlots, successional fields, pastures, and small ponds), facilities (laboratories, housing, equipment), graduate-student fellowships, and research opportunities for undergraduates through the REU program.

Blandy is home to a vibrant research community. Research activity is particularly pronounced during the summer months during which Blandy provides opportunities for 20-25 undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers to conduct ecological research while in residence. Members of the summer community enjoy a weekly research seminar series and numerous formal and informal social events.

Those with questions about conducting research at Blandy should contact Dr. Kyle Haynes (540-837-1758 ext. 292). Undergraduates interested in the REU program can find information here.