Yellow and brown flower

What's in Bloom - July

Cluster of white flowers and green leaves

A Rosebay Rhododendron is blooming near the front of the native plant trail this time of year. Its clusters of white flowers are always a hit with bumblebees.

Clusters of white flowers

Several American elderberry bushes continue to flower throughout the native plant trail wetland area. They can be found scattered throughout the wetland, near the boardwalk, and next to the road that passes through the wetland. Towards the end of the month most of the flowers will give way to dark purple berries.

Grass flowers

Big Bluestem grass is starting to bloom throughout the native plant trail meadow. This large native grass can get up to seven feet tall and is one of the most common grasses in the meadow. Other flowers such as black eyed susans and narrowleaf mountainmint can also be found blooming in the meadow.

Magnolia flower and leaves

Our stately, impressive southern magnolia trees usually reach peak flower in July. The pictured specimen is located just south of lake Georgette, but there are several more in the Magnolia family section of the arboretum.

Green and pink abelia shrub against blue sky

Walk through Blandy's large collection of flowering Abelias. There's a dense planting of several dozen abelia shrubs next to the Peetwood pavilion, just above the native plant trail meadow. These fragrant shrubs produce a lovely scent and are big hits with Blandy's pollinators.

white flowering shrub on a green lawn

Bottlebrush buckeyes are charismatic, unusual shrubs that produce large sprays of white flowers throughout July. Find some blooming in the buckeye family section towards the south of the arboretum.