ginkgo trees turning yellow

What's in Bloom - November

ginkgo trees surrounded by fallen yellow leaves

Early November is the ideal time to check out our ginkgo grove as the leaves turn an enchanting gold. The ginkgo grove contains over 300 mature ginkgo trees, the largest collection in North America. As the month progresses, the colorful leaves drop from the trees, creating a solid carpet of gold. Park in the main parking area and follow the signs for a liesurely 10 minute stroll to the grove.

yellow witch hazel flowers

The unique yellow flowers of the witch hazel are in full bloom from late October through the first half of November. These trees can be found on the northeast side of the native plant trail woodland, and along the main road leading into the arboretum from route 50.

close up of frosted green leaves on branches with bright red berries

In November the hollies become bedecked in bright red berries that they will retain throughout much of the winter. Find these cheery trees in the holly collection in the southeastern corner of the arboretum, as well as the quarters courtyard.

Red dogwood leaves and berries

Dogwoods are putting on their fall colors and forming berries. The red-gray leaves create a striking visual sensation along dogwood lane and in the dogwood collection just south of the lane.