Field of wildflowers

What's in Bloom - August

Franklinia Flower

Blandy's collection of Franklinia trees usually bloom in August. This species (Franklinia alatamaha) is a rare tree that has been extinct in the wild since 1803. It was discovered along the banks of a single river in Georgia in 1765, and has never been found growing in the wild anywhere else. The arboretum has six Franklinia trees, one of which is the state champion. Find these rare trees East of Lake Arnold, between the areas for the Olive and Buckeye families.

Buttonbush flower

Find the unique, spherical flowers of the buttonbush along the boardwalk in the native plant trail wetland. This native shrub is a common sight in Virginia's wetlands and attracts many types of pollinators.





Goldenrod and Boneset

Numerous wildflowers are in full bloom throughout Blandy's Wetlands and Meadows. Look for yellow goldenrod, white boneset, pink joe pye flowers, and many more! Wildflowers are most prevalent near Lake Arnold, as well as throughout the Native Plant Trail.


red flowers with green leaves

Plumleaf azaleas are in bloom throughout early August. Thes bright red flowering trees can be found directly west of the Quarters building, near Tuleyries lane.

Hummingbird nectaring on a turtlehead flower

Turtlehead flowers are attracting hummingbirds and bumblebees in the pollination garden and zoo garden! Watch these pink and white flowers to see all sorts of fascinating pollinators. Photo by Andrew Johnson.