REU Program Overview

Undergraduate education is one our highest priorities at Blandy Experimental Farm. Since 1992 Blandy has provided Undergraduate Research Fellowships to students interested in ecology and environmental science. We have been aided in this effort by funding from the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Our primary goal is to teach students to formulate testable hypotheses about important ecological and evolutionary questions. The format of the program encourages students to develop skills in experimental design, data collection, analysis, and critical reading of primary scientific literature. Students also learn to prepare and communicate scientific information to other scientists and the general public.

Our program exposes students to a diversity of research projects that collectively illustrate how natural systems function and how science progresses. Through the course of the summer we provide students with information on various career options in ecology and the environmental sciences. Each award will include a stipend of $575 per week ($6,325), additional funds for purchasing groceries ($1,993), free housing, and a budget for research supplies and research activities. Funding for your travel to and from the site (near Boyce, Virginia) is also available.

Interested students can access the online application system and instructions from our application pageWe strongly recommend filling out an application at least two weeks before the application deadline.  The application and all supporting materials are due on February 15, 2022. To ensure productive mentor-mentee relationships, a portion of applicants will be interviewed before final decisions on fellowship awards are made. Successful applicants will be paired with a mentor prior to the start of the program.

These fellowships are only available for U.S. citizens and permanent U.S. residents. Unfortunately, DACA recipients are not eligible due to current law. Undergraduates who would graduate before participating in the summer program (seniors graduating in the spring prior to the program) are not eligible for this program. Participants must be able to attend all 11 weeks of the program.

Questions about applying to the program? Email Dr. Kyle Haynes