Water Droplets on Redbud Leaves
Water Droplets on Redbud Leaves

Winter Trees Exhibit On the Native Plant Trail

Winter has come, and plants have gone dormant. The arboretum's herbaceous specimens have reatreated belowground, and the deciduous trees have shed their coats of green and gold. Even though the leaves have fallen and a winter chill has settled in, nature still has things to teach us! Throughout winter, we will place a special series of informational signs in the woodland section of the native plant trail, discussing parts of trees that can only be fully appreciated when the branches are bare.


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We tend to make a pretty big deal about milkweed here at Blandy Experimental Farm. During the growing season, you will likely see several posts from us featuring this group of plants and their amazing ability to support pollinators. Milkweed attracts more than just pollinators to Blandy, though...


Tuesday, July 23rd

  1. Death by millions & millions of cuts: Why lawns are so environmentally destructive & strategies for transitioning them into functional habitat again

Thursday, July 25th

  1. Blandy Plein Air Club
  2. Blandy Book Club
    • Start time: 06:30pm
    • End time: 08:00pm
    • Learn how to apply methods of grazing to reduce costs, produce grass-fed livestock as a profitable income, increase the quality of soil, and provide support to a variety of wildlife. Visit our website for more information and to register: https://blandy.virginia.edu/content/programs-workshops-walks

Thursday, August 1st

  1. Blandy Sketch Group
    • Start time: 12:30pm
    • End time: 03:30pm
    • The Blandy Sketch Group is a dynamic group of artists who work in the visual arts and who all share a love of the natural world as inspiration for their artwork. The Blandy Sketch Group is open to any artist, beginner or professional.  This month, we will be meeting in the Blandy LibraryVisit our website for more info- https://blandysketchgroup.wordpress.com/

Friday, August 2nd

  1. Curious Critters- Forest Friends

Tuesday, August 6th

  1. Blandy Photography Club Meeting
    • Start time: 06:00pm
    • End time: 08:00pm
    • To learn more, send an email to [email protected]