Ginkgo Watch (Oct. 27)

October 27, 2023

2023 GINKGO WATCH Friday, October 27th- Yellow!

The Ginkgo Grove undergoes a magical transformation each Fall as the leaves transition from green to gold. Here's what the Ginkgo Grove looks like today (Friday, October 27th).

Most of the trees in the Grove have yellow leaves, and leaves have begun to fall from a few trees. 

The best time to see golden ginkgoes at Blandy is usually late October - early November, although there is some variation in timing from year to year.

Stay tuned to our website, Facebook, and Instagram for regular updates on the state of the Grove, and check out this important information on our website as you plan your visit:

Visiting the Ginkgo Grove

To avoid crowds this weekend, we strongly encourage visitors to come on a weekday.

For the safety of all visitors, the route to the Ginkgo Grove along Tuleyries Lane and through the Cedars of Lebanon will only be open to pedestrians and to staff vehicles. So sorry for any inconvenience!

A small number of parking spaces (~20) are available at the Ginkgo Grove exclusively for visitors with limited mobility. These spaces may be accessed by following the signs through Blandy's grounds, exiting Blandy onto Berry’s Ferry road, and re-entering Blandy through the back woodlot (see map).

Please do not park or drive in non-designated areas or along roadsides as it poses a threat to the health of our trees and the safety of our visitors.