Water Droplets on Redbud Leaves
Water Droplets on Redbud Leaves

Landscape Improvement Project Underway for Peetwood Pavilion

March 25, 2022 -- Stephanie.Swaim

With a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Native Plant Trail meadow and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Peetwood Pavilion for Environmental Education has become one of the most popular locations at Blandy since it first opened in 2005. Located about 50 yards east of the visitor parking lot, Peetwood Pavilion is primarily used for Blandy’s K-12 school programs. Over the winter it’s received a major facelift, funded with the support of the University of Virginia’s Arboretum and Landscape Committee as well as the Foundation of the State Arboretum.

New Winter StoryWalk(R)!

Update: This StoryWalk® was removed at the end of February. Stay tuned for more seasonal StoryWalks® in the future!

For the next few weeks, you can enjoy a good book and learn about wintertime wildlife while you walk along the Native Plant Trail!

Blandy's new winter StoryWalk® consists of a series of signs spaced at regular intervals. Each sign bears one page of Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner. You and the young naturalist in your life can read the book a page at a time as you walk along the trail.


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Milkweed is the sole host plant for the caterpillars of the beautiful, threatened monarch butterfly and efforts to preserve this butterfly have brought this once overlooked plant into the public consciousness.



  1. Techniques and Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture in Virginia

Thursday, June 27th

  1. Blandy Plein Air Club
  2. Blandy Book Club

Tuesday, July 2nd

  1. Blandy Photography Club Meeting
    • Start time: 06:00pm
    • End time: 08:00pm
    • To learn more, send an email to [email protected]

Thursday, July 11th

  1. Blandy Sketch Group
    • Start time: 12:30pm
    • End time: 03:30pm
    • The Blandy Sketch Group is a dynamic group of artists who work in the visual arts and who all share a love of the natural world as inspiration for their artwork. The Blandy Sketch Group is open to any artist, beginner or professional.  This month, we will be meeting in the Blandy LibraryVisit our website for more info- https://blandysketchgroup.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, July 17th

  1. Blandy Plein Air Club