A winter scene with trees and snow
A winter scene with trees and snow

Arboretum Project Begins

January 31, 2022 -- Stephanie.Swaim

A very large section in the eastern end of the arboretum fell out of active management in the 1980s, and has since become covered in invasive buckthorn and autumn olive trees that provide little food for wildlife and crowd out all other plant life. In late January, we began removing 2.5 acres of these trees, beginning the long process of transforming this degraded part of the arboretum into a beautiful, diverse forest.

Backyard Conservationists will Benefit from Blandy Program

Blandy Partners with the Clifton Institute for Local Plant Conservation

Most native seed suppliers carry only the most common and showy native wildflowers, which is just a small subsection of our incredibly diverse flora. In most cases, commercially available plants are sourced from only a few areas and shipped to other parts of the country – a framework that doesn’t preserve local varieties of plants and often produces an inferior product for customers (a milkweed adapted to Minnesota weather might not do well in the warmer climates of Virginia).

Be careful with Boxwoods

Plant Experts from Blandy Experimental Farm Caution Against Using Boxwood Clippings in Holiday Decorating

Plant experts from Blandy Experimental Farm are advising Virginia residents against using cuttings from boxwoods, one of the most popular evergreens for holiday decorating, due to boxwood blight.

Fall 2021 Ginkgo Info

November 11, 2021 -- alf7f

That's all, folks! As of Thursday, November 11th, 95%+ of the trees in the Ginkgo Grove have dropped their leaves. We can look forward to enjoying the austere beauty of the Grove over the coming winter months.


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The Arboretum’s Conifer Collection looks great year-round! Find out all about conifers from around the world, and visit the State Champion Japanese Umbrella Pine!



  1. Nature Journaling for Ages 8+: Make creative connections!

Tuesday, March 5th

  1. Blandy Photography Club Meeting
    • Start time: 06:00pm
    • End time: 08:00pm
    • To learn more, send an email to [email protected]

Thursday, March 7th

  1. Blandy Sketch Group
    • Start time: 12:30pm
    • End time: 03:30pm
    • The Blandy Sketch Group is a dynamic group of artists who work in the visual arts and who all share a love of the natural world as inspiration for their artwork. The Blandy Sketch Group is open to any artist, beginner or professional.  This month, we will be meeting in the Blandy LibraryVisit our website for more info- https://blandysketchgroup.wordpress.com/

Sunday, March 24th

  1. Eclipse Ecology: How Wildlife Respond to Solar Eclipses

Thursday, March 28th

  1. Blandy Book Club